Don’t know how to identify your Thunderbird and need to know the year? There are two ways of doing this. The first is to narrow down your classic T-bird year by specific exterior parts and markings. There are typically two different body types per year, the convertible and the hardtop. However, 1962–66 include some types like Landaus, Town Coupes, and Roadsters.

The second is using the VIN on your car. These are located on either the door jamb for 1958–62s on the driver’s side, or the driver’s door for 1963–66s. The VIN helps if you can’t use the outer markings due to damage or just the need of restoration. Enter your VIN below to find out some basic info about your T-bird.

VIN Number (1958-1966):

Click the body style that is similar to your Thunderbird to begin.

1960 white hardtop identify your thunderbird bird nest thunderbirds

Square Bird


1962 red convertible indentify your thunderbird bird nest thunderbirds

Bullet Bird


1965 red convertible identify your thunderbird bird nest thunderbirds

Flare Bird